63. Alice, Jim Wells County

There are a lot of trees surrounding this courthouse. So many that this was about the best photo I could get. If I ever needed a selfie stick or some equivalent, this was the time. The dome was quite interesting. But I’ve also begun to notice that the buildings are starting to run together a bit. I’ve noticed that it’s getting harder for me to keep them all straight, especially since I spend so little time in each town. I mean, realistically, I maybe spend a half hour in each town when I travel, fifteen to take courthouse photos and fifteen to find a cache. That’s not a lot of time, either to get to know a town or to cache in it. It’s beginning to feel like I’m seeing it all but it’s slipping through my fingers. I already know there are places I want to go back to, but the greater mission comes first.

The cache brought me here to this piece of art. It’s a cool little piece. I’ve seen stuff like it before, but not much. It is also now my southern most cache, at least until I get down to the Rio Grande Valley. It was also a quick one. For the life of me I can’t find a micro in a tree, but I can spot a nano almost anywhere at ten yards now. Pattern recognition for the win! Then I sat for a moment. I watched the cars and thought about the train passing by. I tried to take in the surroundings for a moment. Thought about food, too. I hadn’t eaten anything more substantial than a rice cake since breakfast. But food was behind me and I wanted to forge on ahead. Into the car and on down the road, I made the quick trip to…

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