62. Sinton, San Patricio County

Driving was beginning to get to me a little bit. I really enjoy it, but it can get a little tiresome after a bit. A good stretch took care of it this time, but I could feel it beginning to have an effect on me. On the other hand, it had stopped raining by this point so I was willing to accept it. I was lucky that none of the people at the church across the street seemed to take any notice of me while I was walking around the building. I also noticed something else across the street.

I thought it was a bank. Maybe it was where you should squirrel away your money, but it really turned out to be a praline shop. I’ve always have been of mixed opinion about pralines. Sometimes they’re good, but other times, meh… I saw my monuments and all that good stuff, but it was time to get to the cache.

The cache was a few blocks away at a little corner park with some fun art. This is small town America, folks. You know people have been coming here for over 40 years with friends and family. Lunches and picnics, sitting on a hot day or waiting for a ride, and I can only guess how many times local artists or volunteers have touched this place up. I even gave it a favorite. The cache was nothing special, a magnetic key box, but the location was lovely. But I have places to be. I started rolling again and that road led to…

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