Pre-gaming and More Future Prep

I was going to make a trip this morning, but my schedule was vastly changed last night.  I had to stay here and do social/kid stuff instead of jetting off to grab a couple of counties.  Luckily, there’s always another day.  and by “another day”, I mean tomorrow morning.  So I’m getting ready to do a little backfill.  There are two counties that I have gotten caches in but haven’t been in the county seat and one where I have but didn’t get the courthouse as proof/visuals.  Tomorrow morning I’m going to rectify some of that.  Since the two county seats I haven’t been to are a 20 and 45 minutes south of here on the same interstate, I’m going to take my daughters and go grab them.  If we get rolling fairly early, we should be back here by (if not before) lunchtime.  In fact, we should be so quick that I think we’re going to have time for a special cache on the way back.  Centex Prime is the first cache in Central Texas and since we won’t be that far away, I figure it would be a good one to get.  I just hope it doesn’t rain.  If I have to get one more cache in the rain, I’m gonna plotz.

More importantly, next weekend a friend and I are taking a more robust journey.  We’re planning a day trip to Corpus and, if we take two different route there, we’re going to hit some new counties.  If it works, we’ll be hitting:

Now THAT will move the project along, don’t you think?

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