55. Floresville, Wilson County

The kids were with their grandparents. The tank was gassed up. The afternoon still had daylight. I had been debating for a while which direction I would go. I thought about heading to Del Rio and completely avoiding rain, but I also realized if I went that way, I’d want to go across to Ciudad Acuna and/or possibly even Piedras Negras if I continued down to Eagle Pass. I would be so short on time and would barely get anything done. I picked my other one-day. It would mean explicitly going into rain, but since it seems to follow me anyway, I might as well look it in the eye and punch it back. So off I went. I flew through San Antonio as quickly as I could to hopefully grab two or three counties before the sun went down. And soon enough here I was. And what did I find when I got there?

Seguin has a pecan. Floresville has a peanut. It’s devoted to the man who made peanut farming a thing in Wilson County. It is also, as fate would have it, ground zero for a virtual cache! It involved programming a waypoint into my GPS and going to a certain point where there is a certain thing with the info to claim the cache. The good news is that I just bought a real GPS about a week ago. The bad news is that I have not quite yet figured out…the more subtle applications of it (and by “subtle”, I really mean “any but the most basic”). That being said, the Boy Scouts and the Army were good for something. It was easy enough to get a good heading (though, I may want to start carrying an actual compass instead of using a virtual one) and estimate the distance. I sent him the information and a required photo of me and my GPS at The Peanut. I learned recently that guidelines prohibit having to take a photo of yourself, but meh…

Thank you Mr. Sheehy for making the great peanut possible. I got back in the car and headed on down the road to…

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