71. Del Rio, Val Verde County

I rolled into town to the sounds of one of Del Rio’s Favorite Sons, Radney Foster. I don’t care what critics say, See What You Want To See is his best album. But that’s not really important right now. Usually when you tell GoogleMaps you want to route to a county seat, it usually centers that location on the county courthouse. Not this time. My route to Del Rio terminated in the middle of some neighborhood. A moment to re-path and soon I was there.

And look what was there to greet me? I expected no less. If Brackettville had one, why not here? How ironic that Camp Hudson isn’t even here anymore. It’s been moved several times before arriving here and was moved several times after leaving. And I guess that’s not important right now, either.

The cache was a micro at part of the town waterworks. It’s been in use for over a century and apparently is still used. Strangely enough, when I pulled up to it, I had to sit for a while. There was a couple in a white suburban who seemed incredibly interested. For a moment I thought they were cachers themselves, but they made no moves that looked like trying to make a find and, when I did eventually find the cache, there were no new signatures. Once the left, I made the find and went back to the car.

I started on my way out of town. I had considered crossing over to Acuna, but there are no caches so I decided it wasn’t worth it. I also felt that, while it seemed an interesting little town, I hadn’t really spent much time in it and it was already beginning to fade from memory. I fly through these towns, I never really get to the heart and soul of them. Then again, I’m just a tourist and a strong supporter of my own town. I have just enough arrogance that were I to stay and get a feel, it would be through a darker lens, looking down upon the location. Austinites are known for being somewhat aloof and condescending to other cities and towns and sometimes, I am my city made flesh. Maybe I should stop being so arrogant. I guess that’s not important right this second, either. I headed on down the road until I arrived in…

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