Not Coleman County…

So, remember how it was raining off and on all over the place?


Yes, that’s my car.  For the record, this all happened about 2 weeks before this writing.  A rain burst hit while I was on the road and visibility dropped to a hundred yards.  I started slowing down and I spun out.  I crossed multiple lanes (boy, am I glad there wasn’t much traffic either direction!) and ended up going trunk first into a tree.  Some other drivers stopped to check that I was alright (I was).  Local sheriff and EMTs responded and made sure I was alright.  Tow truck was called and took the car off to Coleman and I got a ride to the garage.  Saved what I could, but, as you can imagine, I didn’t drive off in her.  The garage was about a mile from the Coleman County courthouse, but I have to apologize to you all that I couldn’t bring myself to go and find a cache.  I was having a rough day.  The irony, of course, is that not another drop of rain fell all day after that.

Obviously, I got back home, but no Coleman, Brady, San Saba, Goldthwaite, or Lampasas.  I was planning to do the Brenham Geotour a couple days after, and had tentatively planned trips to Houston, Tyler, Corpus Christi, and Del Rio.  Obviously those plans are on hold.  But it doesn’t end.  I’m certainly not done yet.  I’m going to be city bound for a little bit, but not for too long.  The story continues…

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