170. Tyler, Smith County

We’ve been in and through the Rose Capital of the World a great many times in our travels.  With around a hundred thousand people, it’s the region’s biggest city, a semi-cultural mecca, and a little, semi-liberal island in the red northeastern sea of East Texas, a place whose top three exports are oil, cotton, and casual racism.  Add to it that it’s not far from the girls’ grandparents’ town.  But I don’t think I’ve ever had occasion to go to the courthouse for anything.  

Of course, as befitting a courthouse of such a city, their monument game is quite extensive.  But that wasn’t the most important thing.  The cache was the thing so I popped over to the nearby Cotton Belt Depot Museum.  Unfortunately I failed to take any photos, partially because I was tunnel visioned on getting the thing and not thinking about the building itself, partially because the location of the cache would have been totally given away.  That said, we started to roll when something caught our collective eye, necessitating photos and a stop.

Quite a little art project under the highway, no?  This was enough to get the girls out of the car and looking around.  There was a little bit of homeless activity around so we had to be a bit wary, but this was a cool little hidden gem here.  Austin has a lot of art scattered about in places, but nothing I can think of quite like this.  I can already think of at least one place where this would be quite popular and well trafficked (no pun intended).  I wonder who one talks to in Austin about a project like this?  Or maybe I should just suggest it to someone more artistic and let them go with it.  I’m not an artist so I wouldn’t be the one spearheading such a project anyway.  Maybe the best I can do is pass the idea on to someone who can use it and hope to one day to enjoy the fruits of their labors.  After a little time to enjoy the beauty, we got back in the car to make what would be our final brush with art (pun intended) when we arrived in…

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