2. Austin, Travis County


You would think I would have done this one first since I’m from Austin, but I didn’t.  As fate would have it, my very first cache is located two blocks away.

Named after a civil rights activist who filed a historic case here, it’s a funny courthouse in relation to my thoughts on courthouses yesterday.  This courthouse could never, ever be a center of political life because this badly photographed beast is about 4 blocks away:


When the State Capitol is around the corner, THAT is where the gravity lies.


Ended picking up a 3.0/1.5 here at a house that, many moons ago, used to be a tea house/shop.  Not overwhelmingly hard.  In fact, it just jumped out at me.  I don’t think the last finder really put it back well, but I’m sure it happens.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to grab another tonight (thanks for intruding, Real Life!).  I have managed to maintain more than 3 caches/day, but I am now at EXACTLY three.  I’d managed previously to get a few per day several times a week and then do a bunch on the weekend, but lately I haven’t had the time for evenings or weekends (thanks again, Real Life).  How often do you guys think about your average?  Or is it just me?  Hopefully, I’ll be able to raise some of those numbers this week.  I really hope to add a new county over the weekend, but we shall see…

39 thoughts on “2. Austin, Travis County

  1. When I first started geocaching, a new caching friend told me, “if you are going to do a daily streak, start it now and don’t grab everything close to home.” Wise advice. I got to 142 days and stopped. That was seven years ago. If I wanted to do a daily streak for even a month now, I would have to drive an hour a day to do it. If I wanted a fulll year, I’d have to sell my house and move to a new city.
    You will need to decide if you want the daily streak or the numbers. If you want numbers, take a road trip or find a power trail. Keep the ones close to home for those “just have to” days.


  2. After my 411-day daily streak ended, I only did caches once every few months. Eventually I went almost a full year (355 days) without a find.

    My average is 1.003 a day right now, and while I think “hey I should work on that” not having a car and having extended hours at work is making it difficult to plan around.

    I miss the hunt, but not the numbers.


  3. I averaged a 2.37 rate one year, but I was just happy to get it over 2, and I’ve kinda satisfied at that. One of the folks here has a find for every day she has been a geocacher streak going on. I did the 31 days of geocaching a few years ago and it made me crazier than I already am. Happy caching!


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