1. Georgetown, Williamson County


So I’ve actually done Georgetown before so I didn’t have to.  However, since the point of this is to document the Challenge, I decided to start from scratch.  I’ll even photograph courthouses to prove it, too!

That said, it’s also interesting  to think of courthouses.  Remember, there was a time when these were the primary visible symbol of government.  State government was a place for issues of the deepest importance.  Federal government was mostly an abstract concept.  Sure, your city or town made most of the decisions that affected your daily life, but unless you lived somewhere really big and important, the city council was just a bunch of guys you knew.  But the County?  That’s where you saw the big things happen.

Fun fact: in 1912, a Boston philanthropist gave a fountain gave a fountain to the City of Georgetown for his campaign the show kindness to dumb animals.  It was available across the street for horses and dogs until 1922, when it was moved to some stables down the street.  Recently it was moved to the courthouse grounds and remains there to this day.  Had I thought ahead, I would have gotten a photo for you all.

On the other hand, I’m not going to tell you where this is, but but would you believe there’s a 4.0/2.0 somewhere in here?


Damn, that nano was hard to find.  Of course, on the way back to the courthouse, I caught a different view…


The courthouse, the US and Texas flags, and a monument to the soldiers of the CSA.  Yeah.  One man’s heritage, I guess…

On the way home I hit another cache with a little green…


Along with the other one I picked up, that’s three for the day.  Not bad for a couple hours at the end of a day.

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