3. Cameron, Milam County


So I played a little hooky from work this afternoon and drove the hour out to Cameron.  There are a few other seats that are closer (Bastrop, San Marcos), but I’ve never been here before so something new for the win…

Originally, the Milam County Courthouse was just the three stories, but in 1893 (a year after it was first finished) they decided to add the clock tower and dome with statue.  They were completed in 1895, removed in 1938 for safety reasons, and then returned in the early 2000’s.  Good job of making up your mind, guys…  There was another addition that gave me pause, though.


It’s obvious they had to add an addition to cover dying vets from WWII.  It’s sadder they had to add one for vets of Afghanistan. On a different corner, though…



I found several caches, but one stood head and shoulders above the rest.  Apparently these are more of a thing in other parts of the country, but this 4.0/2.0 in a cemetery is definitely new for me…


For the record, this is not a spoiler because the process is described in the description of the cache.  So, see how those nails and screws are sticking out the side?  Well, there’s a bunch sticking out the other side.  And that little round thing is a light.  One of the thingies sticking out on each side is live and you have to touch the right one on each side to complete the circuit to turn on the light.  See how the lock has letters?  The first three letters of the light are the combination to the lock.  And when you open it?


BOOM!  Pretty damned cool, yes?  New favorite, indeed!  This one, however, is not…


Duck Dynasty?  Really?  You’re killing me, Smalls.  That said, I found six, which about half the caches I had hoped for in the time I had. But a great many I though to try for were micros in trees and I wasn’t feeling up for that in this heat. 😦  That, however, is a griping rant for another day.

All this said, I will continue talking about this trip tomorrow, I think.  In the meantime, I’m going to update my map…

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