Onward, Through The Fog!

We converged on a parking lot before sunrise, eleven of us, ready to set out and find some caches. There are a bunch of Geoarts near Granger, Texas. I’d taken a bite out of them before, but I’d never gotten close to finishing them. And some new ones had been added since. When the Scorpion Expeditionary Force decided to take some of them on, I was hardly going to say no. We condensed down to a few vehicles and made our way through the foggy morning to begin our long day. Two more cachers joined us near the start of our trail, and we set off onto the back roads of Milam County.

The fog burned off, and the plowed and rolling earth became visible. As we watched for livestock and dogs running out into the road, we stopped at relatively even intervals to find Mysteries along our route. Our merry band was a mixed lot: experienced cachers and others new to our pastime, long-lapsed cachers returning to the fold, and those well versed in the latest developments. We also came prepared. We knew that a good number of the caches were DNA tubes, and the Texas sun, unforgiving as it is, takes a toll on exposed plastic. With the CO’s permission, we were prepared with new tubes to change out the crumbling ones.

After a few hours, we stopped for some snacks, sharing our individual contributions. Some brought cheeses, others almonds, and still others sandwiches. I again brought the ever-popular carne seca. We took a few moments to enjoy a little history as we ate. We adjusted and confirmed our route. Then we took the opportunity to do a fire drill and change vehicles.

Along with the many Unknowns, we stopped for Whereigos and Traditionals along the way. There was a special foray to the cemetery of a long-abandoned town. The cache there was not special, but the outhouse (yes, an actual outhouse in a graveyard) turned out to be the jankiest, most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in a cemetery. I mean, seriously, it was the worst. We grabbed, signed, logged, and replaced caches up and down the roads. But once the day started getting long, we had to return to town. For all our finds, there was something even more important to do.

We chose our initial gathering point for a reason. One of our fellow cachers has recently been battling cancer. He’s been undergoing chemotherapy and managing to hide the occasional cache when he feels up to it. We reconverged at an Event devoted to him and his health. Cachers gathered from as far as Georgetown and San Antonio to see him and celebrate his return to health. Because we don’t just build connections by finding caches (though that doesn’t hurt). We also connect by being there for each other. As I once said, this is how [we] build community.

Oh, and though I try to keep things family friendly, BLANK cancer.

5 thoughts on “Onward, Through The Fog!

  1. BLANK cancer, indeed. Having a supportive community has to be beneficial to your friend’s recovery. Let him know that cachers everywhere are thinking of him.


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