Mister Excitement!

Contrary to what you might think, not every day (or weekend) is full of adventure. Sometimes it’s just life with a little caching thrown in for good measure. And sometimes the caching is not as much as I would like. But I got a few things of note, so they at least get honorable mentions.

I picked up my first FTF of the month. I don’t usually focus on them, but I’ve gotten at least one a month since the pandemic lockdowns started three years ago. A new cacher placed one downtown, so I took a shot at it. When I got to GZ, I searched for the short tree specified in the hint. I searched and searched all the trees on both sides of the street between two apartment buildings, seeing nothing but the remains of canine visits, both liquid and solid. After consultation with the CO and a return visit, it turned out that the coordinates were about a hundred feet off, and the correct short tree was around the corner up the cross street, in much less danger of dogs. Inveni, inscripsi, reposui. Thirty-eight months straight of an FTF streak (as if that was an actual thing).

Of course, there’s always a cemetery. The girls are spending part of spring break with me, so I had to go meet them halfway between Austin and Longview for a handoff. I ran early, so I ended up stopping in a cemetery in Milano, Texas, to find a cache. When I checked out the log, I smiled to find signatures from other cachers I know from North, South, and Central Texas. We do get around, don’t we?

In my official capacity as captain of Team CenTex for Texas Challenge, I held an Event to gather the team and talk some strategy! There were a few people who popped in because there was an Event, and they wanted lunch. Some of the team couldn’t make it, especially those already headed to East Texas to spend time grabbing counties before the Mega. There were old faces and new faces, some I had seen the previous weekend and others I had never met before. We ate and talked. I think we have the beginnings of the outline of a plan, so hopefully we will acquit ourselves well in the eyes of our friends and foes. Victory or Mild Annoyance!

Finally, I had a day when I couldn’t get out of the house. With my daughters, nephew, and niece coming and going and doing various visiting activities with loved ones, I couldn’t find a good time to get a cache. I have had such days before, usually because of illness or weather. That’s what challenges are for. I logged the oldest one I had completed (which wasn’t found long ago), a challenge to find a thousand caches possessing the same attribute. It was easy enough; I have seven different finds with a thousand attributes each. That makes Day 1,730 and counting.

No, there were no great adventures, county runs, or extraordinary caches. But there were caches. They’re small victories, and victory requires no explanation.

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