17. San Antonio, Bexar County


There’s a saying about San Antonio: the streets were laid out by a blind man being led by a blind donkey.  Considering that it’s celebrating its 300th anniversary next year, that’s almost an apropos assessment.  It’s also the perfect example of why large cities are a bit of an annoyance on a project like this.  A small town I can fly into, take 30 minutes to see the courthouse, get a cache, maybe grab some water or a drink, and then get back on the road.  I spent about an hour getting downtown and another hour getting out of the city.  That’s a lot of time to spend on one target.  All that said I had to give credit to the first lovely (and by “lovely” I mean not raining) day.  When you’re getting a cache in San Antonio, well, there’s only one truly appropriate place to get it.  As fate would have it, there was a virtual cache there and to claim the cache, all you had to do was take a picture with yourself in it.

Ladies and gentlemen, my proof of claim…


I didn’t have time to visit the basement though so I jumped back in the car and headed off to…



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