How Will It End?

I haven’t gotten a cache yet today. I can only assume that I will. When I do, it will be Day 1,700 of my caching streak. I don’t make a thing out of milestones (all evidence to the contrary), and I don’t really think 1,700 is as impressive as 1,500 or 2,000, but I felt like saying something. If you check me under Top Streaks in Project-GC, mine ends at 606 because it doesn’t acknowledge Adventure Labs in its statistics, and I have some days where Labs are all I’ve gotten. In many states, 1,700 days would make me the longest active streak, if not the longest streak of all time. In the most populated states (California, New York, Illinois, etc.) that is not the case. Here in Texas, if you doubled my streak length overnight, it would barely put me in the top ten. I get that I’m pretty lucky to even have a streak like this. Travis County has over 2,500 caches. Neighboring Williamson County has almost 3,000. The major cities are all well represented: Houston has 7,500+, San Antonio 4,500, DallasFort Worth nearly 6,000 (though, with neighboring Denton and Collin Counties, that figure goes up to over 10,000). Over a hundred counties have at least 100 caches. I also acknowledge that I’m not officially streaking. I said at four years that I didn’t care any longer, and now I’m getting close to five years and still going. To be fair, writing all this is part of it. You can’t be a “content creator” ™ if you don’t generate content. To some extent, it’s a symbiotic relationship: the caching moves me to write, the writing moves me to cache.

I guess my point here (and I do have one) is that I just cache every day because, well, it still moves me, and I don’t honestly know when or how it will end without an active choice.

That’s all. You may now return to your regularly scheduled program.

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