Unfinished Business

This weekend, I ended up going to L-Town, a relatively rare back-to-back trip up there, to see the girls. I would have liked to go on another trip with the renamed Scorpion Expeditionary Force to attack some Geoarts outside of San Marcos, but in any competition between caching and my daughters, the girls win hands down. We had breakfast, ran some errands, and did our first escape room (we didn’t beat it, but we did better than expected for three first-timers). And, of course, we got a little caching in. We grabbed one in the morning that was a bit of a letdown: it was listed as a regular, and the description led one to believe that it would have an interesting animal theme. Alas, it had been replaced with a smaller container of lesser quality. A disappointment, but these things happen. At lunch, we debated a little about what to do from there, and during a lull where bathroom breaks left me sitting alone, I pulled out my phone and examined the cache situation. I noticed something I had somehow totally overlooked. When I was there two weeks before, I had snagged a bunch of Adventure Labs at a local cemetery. Somehow, I missed that there was a bonus cache for the Labs! I went back through them to get the appropriate coordinates, and we popped over to get it.

I found a suspicious chunk of wood with hinges and, lo, a log lay within! I was a little turned off by the obvious religious iconography. Not everyone who caches is going to share your religion or any religion at all. Since you never know who will find your cache, why bring that into things? All I can do is assume it is presented in the best spirit possible, and go on from there. With my signature on the log, the Lab was truly complete.

I eventually made it back to Austin. I ended up having some important, super secret geocaching business to discuss with Carrot Killer and LadyBlackCat, after which the Carrot and I went out and grabbed an FTF (the Cat was on a deadline and couldn’t come with) at a Georgetown park I had never heard of, and picked up a couple other caches along the path to our true quarry. The FTF turned out to be both easy and peasy, with just a hint of lemon squeezy, but I have to admit that, while I managed to find it, the Carrot was the one to procure it. There were just enough thorns to make it an uncomfortable experience for me, and some days I am an effete snob and a delicate flower, not meant for the rigors and travails of the wilderness or some kind of crap like that. With that business done, I retired for the evening. I heard tell there would be a football game that evening, but I opted instead to continue working on that darned book I keep mentioning. Who knows? One day I may be able to drop that in the “Done” pile.

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