9. San Marcos, Hays County


Welcome to the home of the Bobcats (or some kind of crap like that).  My real question though is why does the courthouse have all the upper floor windows boarded up?  Not a clue.  But here we are.  With time bearing down on us, we decided to go easy.  See that historical marker?  That’s a virtual and I claimed it with the little ones in tow.  It actually worked out nicely.  Back in New Braunfels, I asked the girls if they wanted to grab a traditional cache or a virtual one.  One child chose traditional, the other chose virtual.  This way, they both got what they wanted!

But there was one last thing to do before the end of our trip.  We hit the road heading west and ended up in the middle of nowhere back in Comal County.  We pulled off the side of the road after seeing some breathtaking views.  When we came to a wall, we climbed it (though they climbed much faster because they are young and speedy).  When we came to trees, we passed them.  And in the end, we made it.


Centex Prime, the oldest cache in Central Texas.  The interesting thing is that there’s a little shrine built around it made of rocks and an animal skull.  Well, that and it’s the oldest cache I’ve ever found.  I would call that a good day.  Victory, yes?

13 thoughts on “9. San Marcos, Hays County

  1. Cute kids. Glad they enjoying caching with you. Mine are 10 and 13 and i have to bribe them to come out with me. I promise a buck to whoever finds it first.


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