The Sun-Kissed Earth

Austin has been cold for the last few weeks—cold enough that I’ve returned to cardigans and my favorite wool coat. It has been delightful after the summer we’ve had. Today, however, it was warm. It got up into the low seventies with cool breezes. While I had the occasional chill outside, it was T-shirt weather. I decided, for my cache of the day, to go get an EarthCache that I’d left sitting around for a while. I usually leave local EarthCaches alone for possibly the silliest reason: I want to have some around for International EarthCache Day, so I don’t have to road-trip to the middle of beyond to get the souvenir. I needn’t worry about that, really. The ones left in Austin and the greater metro area are enough to sustain me as it is. If I somehow burned them out, I could easily pop down to San Marcos, Bastrop, or San Antonio for one if I had to.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been here or even the first time I’ve shown you all these falls. I passed up on the EarthCache before because I was going after a bigger quarry. This time, with the warmth of the sun to ease the way, I decided to sit by the falls and learn a little about Glen Rose formations. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not naturally a nature person, but sometimes it’s nice to sit out in the sun (when it’s not trying to stab you like the spear of Apollo) and enjoy the smell of the trees and the coolness of the water.

Other than that, the weekend has been turkey, pie, and writing. Yes, rewrites on that aforementioned book are coming along. One day in the foreseeable future, I’ll be an actual book author, and you can all say that you knew me when I was just a starving blogger, eking out some words and scratching for a little bit of grammar!

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