16. Bastrop, Bastrop County


So the day was running down, especially since it got cut short by real life.  So I did a quick swing through Bastrop.  The Bastrop Courthouse has its memorials and all that stuff and the seemingly obligatory Confederate memorial, but this one caught even me off guard…


Nobody ever expects CSA poetry.

So anyway, I went for a first cache at a bed and breakfast.  I don’t care for caches on private property, but I figured I’d give it a shot.  Unfortunately, the location did a lot of jumping around and once I zeroed in on the location (a statue in the garden), I couldn’t find the thing.  With time running short, I just decided to just ask.  There was a car there and it was placed with permission so I figured they’d know.  And yet nobody answered.  So I officially skipped it, and just grabbed a boring LPC on the way out of town.


To sum up the entire trip: mostly lovely.  I didn’t like all the rain, but other than that, it was a nice day of greenery and scenery.  I wish I had had time to hit one more town as planned, but the things we do for our children, right?  More importantly, the trip was a good proof of concept that I can do a good bit of driving to get counties done.  It was only six, but there are places that I can do more than that in a day, I think.


That and there’s so many cotton fields out there.  So many more than I thought.  I mean, I know there are cotton fields all over Texas, but I am so much more conscious of them now.  Until next trip…

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