In The Meantime…

…we still keep caching. For the last few days, I’ve been working a specific issue of sorts. Good old Project-GC has a little tool that allows you to see the finds you’ve made in a 360 degree arc around your home location by degree. North is covered for me thanks to Oklahoma and Kansas. The West and East are, outside of a few individual degrees of arc, well represented, thanks to New Mexico and Louisiana. South is actually bettered covered than I would have thought. My real holes though are Southeast. Basically a lot of area between Houston and Victoria are unaccounted for, primarily because relatively there’s not much land between here and the Gulf, and therefore not that many counties I would have been to and fewer opportunities to have grabbed caches in those areas. This could and should be rectified soon, especially since I have friends in and around Victoria to go cache with and can come up with reasons to go to Houston, but I can’t guarantee it will be. As you well know, I have other, county acquisitive aims to focus on as my primary goal. But I’ve been spending time in that quadrant anyway. In a couple of weeks, I, as Central Texas Rep for the TXGA, am leading a Geocaching 101 class in Smithville TX, a little bit past Bastrop. Consequently, I’ve been out that way a couple of times in the last month with another planned visit to place a few caches before the main event. And, of course, I made it an event to draw in a few cachers from the area because why not? And since that’s ground zero for some of the degree arcs I’m missing, I’ve been grabbing a few from the area to fill those in a bit.

My fear is that rain will kill some of my cache making over the next few days. I’m beginning to run short on time at this point for reasons I will get into later. It’s always amazing how these things creep up on you out of nowhere. Well, maybe it’s a little bit of lack of time paired with a little bit of procrastination and just a soupçon of executive dysfunction! Either way, it may be hard to craft a couple of things. Poopy. Here’s hoping I don’t get rained out, but it’ll get done one way or another…

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