What Else Could I Do?

It felt weird sitting around the house. I had all this time on my hands because I expected to be in another state this weekend. So what else could I do? I went and cached.

I grabbed letterboxes. I grabbed some unknowns. I got some FTFs. I brought out the ladder and climbed some trees. I got a bunch of Adventure Labs. I burned an hour here and a couple of hours there. Sure, it wasn’t as exciting or fun as the Big Show would have been, but I’ll tell you a secret: I started geocaching to get through a painful, sad time in my life. If it could get me through all that, it could get me through a disappointing weekend. I still have important things to do from a geocaching perspective, so I can still fill this time and, while the trip will not be as cool as I had wanted it to be, it will happen and that right soon.

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