Disappointment Beyond Measure

…both for myself and my loyal readers.

I do not write this from some stop on the road, but from my own desk at home. Real life, the bane of my caching existence, has chosen the most inopportune time to pay a visit. I’m not about to turn to sackcloth and ashes to display my feelings because my ultimate goals for the weekend can be done at a later time. I will still visit the three counties of Oklahoma I need, I will still go to back to Enid and Oklahoma City, and, if I so choose, I can go back to Colby pretty much any time I like. Unfortunately, it will not be this weekend, meaning that, after a year and a half of planning and prep, I will not be going to Mingo Madness. On a certain level, this kills me. I have a lot of friends up there I wanted to see, and a Maze I wanted to do (again), as well as going to my first Mega outside of Texas. On the other hand, this ultimately came down to a choice between caching and my daughters, and on no day do my little girls ever lose that contest.

All is not lost by any stretch of the imagination. All the planning I made will just be enacted in the future. Some of the places on the itinerary will not be required, but that can free me up to go to other places. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled a little by managing to have such a long, unbroken string of county entries. I have to remember that not everything falls into place all the time. But that’s not important right now. What is important is that a) I’ll get back on the road soon enough, and b) <sarcasm>there are people having fun without me and I don’t like it</sarcasm>!

3 thoughts on “Disappointment Beyond Measure

  1. Real life is why I was there the week before all of this. I have to go by when I don’t have to take my granddaughter to school and when I have someone else to take my son to work (or “force” him to go with me). Caches will always be there. Usually I try to be away from home June 20 as it’s a particularly bad anniversary date, and my granddaughter’s recital is the 19th, so those plans had to change (working on the DeLorme challenge for Maine).


  2. A. I feel your pain. I too would have liked to be up there with all the Madness going on, but it was not to be. And not even for such a noble cause as yours is either. I just wasn’t able to get out of town this weekend. Yuta Hey! (my version of WTH!) is all I can say. I know they will have fun without us!


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