440. Enid, Garfield County (OK34)

I cannot begin to describe how confusingly annoying this place had been for many and myriad reasons. And yet, with all the counties I’ve been to and all the frustration stemming from one source or another, how can I not share them with you? Oddly enough, it began before I even got here. I had intended to send some friends postcards from here. Unfortunately, in the modern age of texting and email, most places don’t sell postcards anymore (with the singular exception of Roswell). Thinking ahead, I ordered some vintage postcards from a small online store that sells things through the giant online store that will not be named. I ordered them two weeks before I would be leaving. I received notification that they would arrive somewhere from four days before I was leaving and the day I was leaving. Well, I left without them because they hadn’t arrived. In the pinnacle of ironies, they ended up arriving while in was parked here at the Garfield County Courthouse. Speaking of the courthouse…

This is the back (?) of it and I was totally confused. The flagpole is on the same facing as the clock tower up there, but there’s industrial equipment there also? This is the same side as the square, but, as you can see from the top photo, the other side looks so much nicer and more like an entrance. I was completely and utterly stumped. I had no idea which side should be considered the front. I even ended up doing the unthinkable: I stopped an attorney who was on the way into the building to figure out where the front was. He said it was the top for the best reason I had thus far, one I hadn’t thought of: the top photo was where the address of the building was.

The interesting statues were only a momentary distraction. I was more than a little upset because I had started having a problem. When I was on the way here, my phone started reporting me at an incorrect location. It would register me at different distances away at random intervals. This began a whole plethora of problems. Imagine you’re driving down the road and your mapping thinks you’re half a mile to the left of your location. imagine how your route gets constantly recomputed, trying to get you back towards your destination, as you virtually cross roads you’re not even on. Sometimes that distance would be 500 feet away, sometimes two miles, but always randomly displaced. As you can imagine, this created a very specific problem. How does one zero in on a cache when the app thinks your location is 8/10ths of a mile away? You can’t. So my entire point in being up here is moot. So I seriously considered aborting the rest of the trip and going home. Of course, routing home would then be a problem because my pathing would be constantly interfered with a false location. So I called my phone provider who I will refer to as “Run Fast.” I talked with the tech support guy and explained to him my issue and added that if I had to abort the rest of my trip and go home because of this, I would be spending the two remining days finding a new service provider. Well, he did his job. Location Services got rebooted on my phone, and I was able to continue on with the Project today.

Luckily, my cache was only a block over on some electrical equipment. If you look really closely at the photo, you might even see it. The log was gone, though so after a replacement, we were all good and ready to go. It wasn’t until I got back from this trip that I learned what the real location problem was. Apparently, when some phones are hooked up to certain vehicles, the vehicle provides the location using its GPS which, in theory, is better, and the phone uses the car’s assumed location instead of its own. Unfortunately, my rental car was having trouble making GPS connections, resulting in it making terrible estimations of my location, which were taken by my phone as correct. It took a bit of trial and error to figure this out on the road and further detail from a friend to confirm all this. So the error wasn’t Run Fast’s fault. I threatened them for nothing, though I haven’t been happy with their services for caching for quite a while so changing from them would have been little loss. But all that was for another time. My pathing issues fixed (I thought), I left this town that had brought me so much stress and worry. Perhaps I would pass through again on the way somewhere else, but I don’t feel like putting money on it. I was more concerned with putting the remaining daylight to good use by continuing on to…

7 thoughts on “440. Enid, Garfield County (OK34)

  1. It’s amazing what GPS will do. When I started reading yours I remember years ago when Desert Storm started, I was in the field with a GS unit fr work (Forest Service) and that file never cleaned up. They had turned up the selective availability so much no amount of corrections with base stations helped. I was a few days before I figured out it was the Government messing with the GPS signals.
    Nice you learned how to reset yours on your phone. 😁😎


    1. There’s almost never a day I don’t want to strangle “Run Fast”, but I have to give credit where credit is due: they got my problem fixed out there AND they’re the only provider that hasn’t had problems during Texas’ Statewide Snowdays…


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