454. Pryor Creek, Mayes County (OK48)

This is an…interesting looking courthouse. It’s definitely a more modern construction, but it’s trying to emulate an older style. It looks a lot like a high school, but at the same time it doesn’t? Apparently, there’s been no history of courthouse disasters or anything, but this definitely isn’t the first courthouse. I’m confused and don’t entirely know what to think of it. One day I might do a little more research into it, but let’s be honest here: I don’t have the time to get every question about every courthouse answered. As mentioned previously, I’ll save that for when I have a research intern to help. Until then, I need to get a cache!

My cache was a pill bottle in the middle of nowhere. And, in this case, I really mean “the middle of nowhere”. All I could hear was the lowing of cattle as I found a gate on a fence on a red earth road. Remember the location problem I had back in Enid? Well, it cropped up on me again on the way here. Not only could I not find my way to the next courthouse for a while, but had no hope of finding the cache for a bit. It’s hard to get within 30 feet of a point when your electronics think you’re .8 miles away. I started putting batteries in my actual GPS (yes, I do have one) and warming it up when the problem fixed itself (or I disconnected from the car. Take your pick). I managed to find my quarry, but I was really worried. I had no earthly idea when it would happen again, and it definitely picked the worst time to do this: at night, outside of business/customer service hours, in the middle of nowhere, on a dirt road 700 miles from home. This was a stress I didn’t need. But it was fine for now and managed to get me to my next location…

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