335. Roswell, Chaves County (NM19)

Oh, you beautiful creature! It seems there may be more to you than aliens and stuff! And may I also say you just managed not to trick me. I almost went to the county administrative center where the clerk’s office is! After some of the past debacles, you’re not going to get me that easily…

There actually is a cache at the courthouse, but finding something magnetic on this big iron beast doesn’t seem like an efficient use of time, especially when muggles are streaming around, setting up for come kind of faire or event or something or other. I wanted, true to form, to find something more alien related but found something far more interesting…

Holy crap! I ended up with a rocketry related virtual! This is a tower that Robert Goddard built for launching rockets! Talk about a piece of history!

I took the opportunity to light one off with the Doc and then claimed my quarry. Being hours ahead of the game, I ran an errand for a friend and then stopped for a leisurely breakfast.

Bet you thought I was going to get out of here without showing any aliens? I’m sure there’s far more touristy stuff to fill that bill, but this was enough for me. I bet Roswell is just fine with having a visitor who’s not here for the touristy alien crap. That said, I may come back one day to enjoy the touristy alien crap. I drove through the edges of town, passing homes and lives that couldn’t care less about the tourists. One look at them in the daylight and I knew I had returned to the Land of Brick and Stucco. Sure, I had only gotten a couple hours of sleep, but with the opportunity I had lucked into, I had to take full advantage of it. Besides, I’ll sleep when I’m dead! Or when I get to my hotel for the night, whichever would come first (spoiler: it would be the hotel). Either way, I would continue on a highway through mountains until I made it to…

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