337. Carrizozo, Lincoln County (NM21)

Well, it’s not the most attractive courthouse I’ve ever seen. It’s not terrible and I’ve certainly seen worse. It’s a small town so I can’t exactly expect that it’s going to have some stunning architectural marvel. Not every courthouse can be Roswell.

The cache, on the other hand, was slightly more interesting. I was a little concerned as I approached it because I thought I was coming into someone’s back yard. Instead, it turned out to be the side of a business that had a “crop circle” on it. And beneath the circle? A rock. And under the rock?

Well played, gentlemen. Well played. I was bemoaning my lack of uni-coins. I ran out unexpectedly, didn’t have time to make more before the trip, and would have definitely left some here. But with this, the wonders of Carrizozo had run their course and I needed to head for my next destination…

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