366. Colby, Thomas County (KS007)

May I say I’m pleasantly surprised with this courthouse! This is definitely not the cookie cutter courthouses I’ve been seeing out there this trip. The clock tower is lovely and I’m bemoaning that you don’t see a lot of them these days.

If you take a close look in the back ground of the war memorial, you’ll see another county building that’s modern, but styled on the courthouse. Bravo. I like that attention to detail, eye for design, and emphasis on continuity.

I haven’t been current for a while. In fact, I’ve got about three weeks of entries waiting to publish, another week of New Mexico and Arkansas entries to write, and I haven’t even begun thinking about this weekend other than getting out and doing the thing. I’m live on site (well, near site, anyway) as I write this. Some of you might find the jump forward a bit strange. But we all know why I’m here…

Ladies and gentlemen (or however you identify [I don’t mean to be gender assumptive]), MINGO.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that this is officially cache 2000?

And why now specifically? Notice how I went silent for a couple of days? That’s because this entry that you’re reading right now is entry 500.

All these things would only align once. I wasn’t going to miss my chance to make this one a special one. As always, I want to thank everybody who is reading this. I do this regardless of whether people read it or not, but I get a pleasure from knowing that I might bring something interesting to someone’s day. And, of course, I’ve been zealously guarding my cache finds to make this happen, so I decided to grab a few extra…

May I also note I ran into a couple of cachers from Chicago, WA$P and househag. I don’t know if I have their handles correct, so I promise I’ll come back and fix them (with appropriate links) when I get a chance. We did the gadget cache together (they did all the hard work. I just stood around and looked pretty) so I thank them for the assist! And, ironically, when I finally left, I saw another truck pull up to grab some of the ones I was just leaving.

And further, may I give kudos to the Pioneer Memorial Public Library. Realizing that my phone’s connection would not be enough for image uploads, I shot over and their connection made this post possible. But I spent enough time in Colby today. It’s time to move on down the road. The counties leading up to this will be written about eventually, as will the counties following. Until then, it’s time to continue with New Mexico with me waking up in…

22 thoughts on “366. Colby, Thomas County (KS007)

  1. Thanks, GWB, for a very articulate accounting of geocaching. When I am introducing someone new to geocaching, I think back to the fun, the challenging, the folks one meets along the way, and logging (which these days has gotten reduced to “Found it” or “Thanks for the cache” and the really illiterate (sorry) just a few initials. Years ago, we wrote stories about what happened along the way; some things that didn’t actually, really happen that way, but makes a better story; and these story logs become part of the fun itself. All this to say why your blog is extra special to me. And, I am sending this one to my son-in-law, hoping he will get hooked. Keep up the good work!


  2. I found Mingo way back in 2005 by chance as I was taking the nonscenic route home from Denver. I think I was finder number seven hundredth something. Even fifteen years ago that was a special accomplishment.
    P.S. househag is my new favorite name


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