What A Challenge Is For

Another day, another bison tube. Except this one is actually from a couple of days ago. Yesterday, I had every intention of going out and grabbing one, even though I’m no longer wedded to my streak. I spent the day working, even though I had little to do but read docs, watch compliance videos, and plan routes for trips I hope to take one day. I’m thinking about going back through [REDACTED], driving through [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], and making it to [REDACTED], but that’s beside the point. I went out and had dinner with the girls but ended up not dragging them to find a cache. Once I got them home, I was going to slip out (no, they wouldn’t be left alone) and grab one, but I ended up getting hooked into late-night AC repair. If you’ve been following the weather here in Texas, you realize that’s no laughing matter right now. Once the necessary work had been done and the crisis averted, I found it was 11:30 p.m. If I rushed out right that moment, there was no guarantee that I would even make it to a cache in time, much less find or log it. That’s when I warmed up Project-GC and pulled up my list of challenges!

Some people would probably say that a streak is only valid if you go out every day and find one. That’s one point of view, but not mine. I’m not proud. I happily log a challenge on days when I can’t get out there or can’t find my quarry. I used many during the Snowpocalypse. My first attempt to go down to Corpus Christi ended up as a comedy of errors that saw me stuck at the airport in Austin with no reasonable way to leave on my own, but I had a recently completed challenge. That kept my streak alive when it was sub-365 days! If logging a challenge is wrong, then (as the song goes) I don’t wanna be right! So last night, I pulled up the earliest challenge I was sure I had completed, one I had picked up back in Springfield, and logged the heck out of it! The goal was to find ten or fewer caches with a combined 1000 favorite points. Consulting with Project-GC again, I found that eight of my top ten favorited caches were each over a thousand, and the other two are within stone-throwing distance (my tenth most favorited find was sitting at 992). I opted to “cherchez le easy.” Mingo, at just over 3500 favorites, was more than enough.

Today, I will brave the heat and grab a cache. Yesterday? I happily logged that challenge and slept the sleep of the just!

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