61. Corpus Christi, Nueces County

Somehow I imagine Matt Houston strolling out of here with a cute female attorney after having gotten their innocent client off from a murder charge. Or maybe Joe Friday strolling into it, silently judging all this “modern” architecture. But I was happy to get my 70’s/80’s on for a little bit.

I was a little surprised to see this here. There’s one at the State Capitol and, though it survived the Supreme Court, it’s also remembered to be a bit of a marketing ploy for The Ten Commandments. I knew these existed in other places, but I’ve never seen one in the wild before.

There’s a really impressive set of monuments for police, firefighters, sheriffs, constables, and (a first for me) port police. And there’s an entire other set behind me that you can’t see. Quite an assortment of them, actually. This is, by far, the biggest assortment of monuments to first responders and the law I’ve ever seen.

Eventually, I hit a cache. Consider it a paean to that most Texan of traditions, our national burger place, Whataburger. Of course, I’ve heard some people say that In-N-Out is just as good or better. I haven’t been to one in California, but I have been to one here. Those people are wrong. In-N-Out can go suck the proverbial lemon. Whataburger 4 LYFE!

After a couple wrong turns on the way to the highway, I headed on down the road and soon enough I was in…

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