60. Rockport, Aransas County

You have to understand something about me. I am, along with all my other flaws, a terribly judgmental man. My one saving grace in that regard is that, because I keep judging, one bad judgment is not the end, because I believe that one bad moment, except in the most egregious cases, should not define someone or something. All that said, this has got to be the saddest courthouse I have or probably will ever see.
I shouldn’t be so mean about it. I have no doubt that there have been enough hurricanes and floods to eradicate any buildings that may have come before. Still, this is not the nobility and majesty of the Peoples’ House. This is an anchor of a strip mall.

UPDATE: Apparently the previous courthouse was destroyed by Harvey and this is the temporary courthouse until they can build something more appropriate. Faith in county courthouses restored.

The cache itself has also engendered a very mixed reaction in me. I took a photo near it so I wouldn’t give it away, but quite honestly I can’t decide if the cache is stupid or brilliant. It is most certainly not like anything I’ve ever seen before. I’m even more amazed that it has lasted as long as it has. I’m going to be thinking about this one for a while.

I feel like this has been a disappointing entry, both for myself and for you. The least I can do is offer one last photo.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Gulf of Mexico. Not quite stretching off into forever, but close enough. I’ve lived near the ocean before so I get why people like it. I couldn’t really do it again, but I get it.

And I got on the road again, this time headed for…

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