603. Rock Port, Atchison County (MO010)

This was a little funny for me, considering it was my second Rock Port (sort of) and my second Atchison of the trip. Thanks to the former, you should already know what I think about David Atchison from the latter, so, thanks to Bleeding Kansas, screw that guy. That said, the courthouse is nice enough and now that I’ve noticed square towers on courthouses, Messrs. Baader and Meinhof are continuing their ancient and storied tradition.

As for the cache, do you happen to remember that I’m also working a challenge? I was originally going to give some love to an earthcache, but I ended up discovering a cache welcoming people to Missouri called, aptly enough, Welcome to Missouri. I pulled into a visitor’s center welcoming people to Missouri and looked under the appropriate light post to find it. Quick, simple, and to the point. Of course, if you’re welcoming someone to Missouri, that person must be coming from someone other than Missouri. And from whence, pray tell, would they be coming? In this particular case, they would more than likely be arriving from…

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