772. Okanogan, Okanogan County (WA37)

Well played, Okanogan County!  The courthouse was really interesting in an almost European sort of way.  I really liked the clock tower there, a step above the square towers I had only relatively recently begun to register.  I could almost imagine something like this in a little town square in Italy or Germany or something.  That said, I’ve been to neither of those countries, so if it turns out that I’m wrong, let me retain my illusions for a moment until I receive refutation with my own eyes! 

As for the cache, I took a side road up a hill overlooking the town, and look what I found!  Bravo! Quite a clever hide, if I do say so.  I’ve only ever seen one or two like it, but not this well done.  It definitely earned one of my stingily hoarded favorite points.  For such a short stop, Okanogan turned out to be quite good in both the courthouse and cache departments.  But the stop was indeed short.  I set off again, crossing the Columbia River one more time, intent on reaching my penultimate county of the state…

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