771. Republic, Ferry County (WA36)

This is a nice courthouse considering I’m out here in the middle of beyond, and I had to do some winding mountain-road bull crap to get here. I assumed the courthouse was some kind of stucco or something, and I was curious about when it was built. I thought it couldn’t be very old, but further research revealed it was built in 1936. I wouldn’t call that old as courthouses go, but I guess it qualifies (for certain values of “old,” anyway). That said, Republic has a bit of an Old West mountain-town thing about it. Whether it’s by accident or artifice, I couldn’t say. Probably a little from Column A and a little from Column B. I guess such things are not uncommon up here in what I can only assume is lumber country.

The cache was a jar hidden in some rocks.  It was rated as a D2.0/T1.5, but I think that should have been flipped to a D1.5/T2.0.  Ultimately, that was just semantics.  It was easy enough to find and claim.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. I did what needed to be done and, after a quick use of the courthouse facilities, headed off again.  This final leg of the trip was like a boulder rolling downhill from a great height, slowing down momentarily in…

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