770. Colville, Stevens County (WA35)

The courthouse here wasn’t terrible, but it was a textbook example of why the Future Arborists of America was formed!  It all came down to one badly placed tree.  If I photographed the building, the tree would obscure the front door and the building’s name.  If I could see the door and name, the rest of the building would be invisible.  Do you understand the damage that one tree can do to future documentation efforts?  I’m not sure it would have been worse if it had been planned to be that way.  At least not without a second tree, anyway. 

As for the cache, it was slightly more (for lack of a better term) “whelming,” though neither overly nor underly so.  A camouflaged peanut butter jar beats a lot of other possibilities.  It was a good enough grab at the edge of town, considering this would be the stopping place for the night.  Soon enough, there would be food in our bellies and pillows for our heads.  Well, at least after wandering around town and picking up some Adventure Labs.   

I also feel I have to give an honorable mention to the hotel.  From the outside, it looked like any older motel in Anywhere, USA.  Once we got in the lobby, though… What the heck kind of hunting lodge is this?  When was the last time I got a physical key to a room instead of a keycard?  What kind of magic/madness was I seeing?  That was ultimately immaterial, though.  Morpheus visited, bringing the gift of slumber, and the next morning would find us off again on the final leg of our journey around the state.  We pointed ourselves roughly toward Seattle and drove eastward, making the morning’s first stop in…

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