769. Newport, Pend Oreille County (WA34)

Well, I can’t say much about the courthouse one way or the other.  It was definitely in the mediocre range.  It wasn’t cookie cutter as if it had come from a Sears catalog, so I guess it’s got that to its credit.  More than anything, I think this place is the victim of bad luck.  Anywhere would have had a hard time standing out after I’d come from Spokane, but this bit of meh feels especially meh.  Unlike Davenport, I must give it a solid meh-minus.

The same can be said of the cache itself.  It was a birdhouse outside the sheriff’s department.  Nice and serviceable enough, but again, a bit of a letdown after the previous county.  Not every county can be a stunning experience, and a cache is a cache is a cache.  I should count my lucky stars that the place wasn’t cache poor or that each one didn’t require a five-mile hike into the forest or the hills or something.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy is an appreciated attribute out on the road. 

Besides, soon enough, the setting sun would catch up to us around the time we made it to…

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