626. Rison, Cleveland County (AR45)

Not a bad courthouse, wouldn’t you agree?  With all the praise I give to my phone camera, I found a flaw in the camera for the first time.  Notice how the bright light in the doorway is saturating the entire entrance area?  Note also the reflection of the same light above the courthouse?  It’s a small price to pay for a good night photo and I doubt my now discarded low light solution would have done any better, but it was something to note and consider.  Besides, it’s not like I was going to wait here until morning for a better photo.  Also, have I been ignoring square towers on Arkansas courthouses?  I think so.  I’ve been seeing them all this time and didn’t even notice them until I was half done with Kansas!  I felt my world was rocked and a chill ran through me as I began to come to terms with the realization that I have the observational skills of a marmot.

The cache, the only one in town, was a pill bottle attached to a cord dangling in a pipe near a telephone pole. At least it was only a few blocks from the courthouse and I didn’t have to go all the way to the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night (he said as if he wasn’t already kind of in the middle of nowhere already). I was especially aware of that because the next county over was incredibly cache poor. With this one signed and returned, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do anything stupid when I got to…a county that will be discussed at greater length in the near future for reasons that will be apparent at that point. Meanwhile, the narrative will continue with my arrival in…

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