627. Perryville, Perry County (AR46)

This is a little different for Arkansas if memory serves, but hardly avant garde or anything.  It’s a nice little stucco number that seems more in place in West Texas or New Mexico than here.  It also had a few monuments, but I didn’t photograph them.  That said, for once a badly placed tree worked to my advantage.  To prevent the Tragedy of Rison (not a tragedy), I was able to put this badly placed tree between me and the bright entrance light that might have overwhelmed the entire shot, resulting in something more aesthetically pleasing (in my opinion, anyway).  There was supposed to be a cache on the grounds of the courthouse, but the last few people who looked didn’t find it and, after searching myself, I’m 98% certain it’s disappeared and I logged accordingly.  Consequently, I had to travel far afield for one…

…if by “far afield” you mean about six blocks away.  I ended up at the Perryville Fire Department.  On the side of the building, behind a small radio tower of some kind, there was a combination locked box.  As the hint was a number that corresponded to the number of tumblers on the lock, the box was quickly opened and the cache was revealed.  I threw in some swag and a trackable with the now signed logbook before returning it and closing the lock before making my way off to…

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