625. Fordyce, Dallas County (AR44)

Welcome back to scenic Arkansas, folks.  So, I’ve been planning a bigger trip to Arkansas because it’s been taunting me and I wanted to get it finished, making it state number five completed.  I found myself with a small publishing hole between the end of my trip to Kansas and Missouri, and my upcoming trip to Arkansas.  I also had a small hole in my map, three counties in Southern Arkansas that I had to miss because of bad weather.  Not wanting to leave you, my loyal readers, without content for days (and hating seeing that unintentional hole), I decided, after a visit to the girls in L-Town, to grab those three counties and maybe a few more if time permitted.  Anything I could grab would make the big push that much easier.  Well, “anything I could grab” became more than I expected as you shall see. The courthouse in Fordyce was suitably attractive and the lit dome made for a nice nighttime feature.  I noted the wires strung above it and had the feeling that they would be the base infrastructure for Christmas lights.  I chuckled to myself that this was the second Dallas County I had ever been to, knowing that there would be many more as the Project continued. 

My first attempt at a cache was the one closest to the courthouse, however based on photos from previous finders, the area had been pruned back and there’s no other way a regular could have been hidden in that area at that difficulty rating.  I logged it both as a DNF and for maintenance because it’s disappeared.  Luckily, I found a keybox at the local library.  The librarian is keen on geocaching though not a cacher themselves so kudos to both them and the library for having this one here.  I signed and left a unicoin because I had a nice extra batch left over from before I went up to Kansas City and remembered to bring them with me.  My work done here, I headed back into the night to reach…

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