604. Sidney, Fremont County (IA01)

Oh, Iowa!

More brick and square towers! I guess they’re not just a Missouri thing! Sidney calls itself Rodeo Town USA (I think a few cities in Texas might like to argue that), so, like Waxahachie has hearts and Winnfield has pigs…

…Sidney has boots! On the square, on the lampposts, everywhere, each one painted and personalized. But that was not the most important thing. What really mattered, other than the fact that I had for the first time placed my feet on the ground in Iowa, was getting a cache.

It was another front yard cache, guarded by, as the CO called it, a chicken yeti. And how we struggled before I could steal it’s valued egg. Once I made the grab and logged it, I had a brand new souvenir waiting for me to see! With that accomplished, I found myself with a bit of a decision to make… I had gotten farther than expected the night before, so it was still mid-morning and I had more than enough time for some side ventures. A certain part of me wanted to continue farther north into Iowa, through Glenwood and Council Bluffs, to a real but unplanned prize, Omaha (might this be the first time Omaha has ever been considered “a prize”? Without consulting Google, I think so). I managed to stop myself, though. I decided that if there were going to be side ventures, they needed to be in the direction of home, not farther out in some place that would cause me to eventually get home at some unholy hour with less progress made on states I’m actively working. Therefore, this would be the northern limit, the ultima extremis of this journey. I turned back in the direction of home and set off. There was no point in going back the way I came through Missouri, so, unable to resist a bridge (that I actually didn’t know was there, but whatever), I headed towards Nebraska, parking at the courthouse in…

8 thoughts on “604. Sidney, Fremont County (IA01)

  1. So is, or can, FYC an official geocaching acronym? I am not a fan of front yard caches, which is a shame because the people that put them out generally seem like nice folk. I’m more so worried about neighbors because I am just a shady-looking person. Hope you are staying safe out there.


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