689. Omaha, Douglas County (NE13)

Omaha is the birthplace of a surprising number of notable folks, among them those I adore (Elliott Smith, Gabrielle Union, Paul Williams), those to whom I’m indifferent (Gerald Ford, Warren Buffett, Fred Astaire), and those who occupy space somewhere in between (Malcolm X, Swoozie Kurtz, Connor Oberst, Marlon Brando).  It is also the home of the Woodmen of the World, which is of note because if you’ve ever seen a tombstone in a cemetery that looks like a tree stump, you can probably thank them for it.  I guess that’s one thing that makes the Midwest special or something like that.  As I pulled up to the courthouse, almost sitting in the shadow of Woodmen Tower, I could only think one thing: what a chonker!  It reminded me a lot of Kansas City, which makes perfect sense, both being Midwestern cities and all. Or possibly it reminded me of other places that didn’t come to mind at that moment.  What I was sure of is that this courthouse more than likely could beat up your courthouse.   

Normally, when I roll into a city this big, I grab the most obvious Virtual and am done with it (unless there are several in close proximity, in which case I dally a bit). This time, I didn’t do that for two reasons: the Nebraska County Challenge requires physical caches, and there weren’t that many Virtuals in town.  I would have expected more in a city of its size, but that wasn’t important for my purposes.  Luckily, the drive into town passed by the most favorited cache in the county, and I was not disappointed. 

Pretty impressive.  This lockbox on the back side of a strip mall contained a trackable hotel!  The locks required information from the environment onsite, and look what lay within!  The CO was also the owner of the cache I found back in Papillion, and she most certainly earned one of my stingily hoarded favorite points.  I thought for a minute about whether I should build something similar back home (I’m not above copying a good idea). Then I swapped out my trackables for the ones I carried with me from Texas, ten for ten.   

With this done and the courthouse photographed, I took a bridge crossing the Missouri River to neighboring…

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