763. Asotin, Asotin County (WA30)

Well, it’s a courthouse.  I’m not impressed with it, but it fulfills its function, so I’m not going to complain (too much).  I found it funny that the rear entrance seemed much more interesting than the front entrance.  That leaves me wondering if that was once the front entrance and somehow the entire orientation of the building changed, or if it’s something else.  I just can’t imagine that whoever did all this thought the front (if it actually is the front) was cooler.  Then again, I’m only a tourist in these parts.  The standards of beauty and tastes of the Eastern Washingtonian remain somewhat of a mystery to me, and rightly so.  I’ll just shut my mouth and go get a cache.

Full disclosure: I already had a cache.  Rolling towards town, I ended up stopping on the side of the road to grab one from a tree.  In this case, proverbial beggars could not be proverbial choosers.  Asotin County is relatively cache poor, with no caches of particular note that were not hikes from the bowels of heck.  As you know, when I’m on the road, I try to stick to caches that are easy to grab and keep going.  If something especially interesting jumps out at me, I’m more than willing to get it, but I don’t want to hike to the ends of the earth to get it (with a few exceptions).  Don’t get me wrong: it’s not cache poor like Cathlamet or anything, but lacking enough, especially compared to Walla Walla, Vancouver, (especially) Seattle, or anything around Puget Sound.  Out here, I was going to take what I could get.  Besides, I had something else on my mind.  I often find myself thinking about the rivers I’m crossing.  I’ve talked about the Rio Grande, the Mississippi, the Missouri, and the Wabash.  I’d been crossing the Columbia over and over for the last few days.  Now I was on the banks of the Snake, and the other side of the river was calling to me.  Fifteen minutes and a bridge later, I set foot for the first time in…

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