764. Lewiston, Nez Pearce County (ID01)

Oh, Idaho! 

Now, this is actually a really nice courthouse.  Good, solid, and dependable.  It’s hardly the first courthouse built in the area, but coming from 1928, it would do nicely.  Weirdly, this might actually be a highly, highly, highly remodeled version of the original courthouse from 1889.  The 1974 extension, though?  Not so nice.

Idaho’s County Challenge differs from Washington’s and one of Oregon’s in that it is completely cache agnostic.  With the burden of size considerations taken away, we opted for a nearby Virtual.  There were a few in town, but there was little special about them.  Buckandi noticed a nearby Virtual with a bunch of favorites on the way to out of town, so that is the one we grabbed.  For the record, we ended up picking up a couple others in town, an Unknown he had previously solved and a Whereigo, but they were little more than glorified LPCs and barely worthy of documentation.  Yes, victory requires no explanation, but I wanted something more picturesque, and the Virtual had a good handful of favorites.  It definitely turned out to be more stunning, offering a bird’s eye view of the town.  Most certainly, it’s nicer to look at than a lamppost, don’t you agree? That’s why I chose it as the official cache of the county.  There was also a nearby challenge that we signed to find caches in each state of the Lower 48.  Buck was one state short.  I’m not even close.  No matter.  The needs of the county were taken care of, and we continued on the road to…

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