743. Cathlamet, Wahkiakum County (WA16)

The courthouse was acceptable, though not as nice as the last several had been. Though I don’t consider myself a brand evangelist concerning anything electronic, I have to say that the camera on my iDevice is amazing! I couldn’t see the name on the front of the courthouse with my naked eye, yet it shows in the photograph as clear as day. No, that doesn’t really say much about the courthouse, but then again, there really isn’t that much to say. More’s the pity, I guess.

We went for the cache on the way into town. I would never have gone for something like this alone at night, with or without my trusty Maglite. However, as fate would have it, my traveling companion likes covered bridges, so we took a shot at it. We went down the side and into the grass until we got under the bridge. It was a regular cache, so we looked in the rafters between the beams. Despite its size, we just couldn’t find it until it seemed to jump out at us. It’s funny how rust can blend in with wood under the right circumstances (like in the middle of the night in a flashlight beam under a bridge). Once it was signed and returned, we crossed over the old bridge to turn around and then back across to continue on to our motel at the next planned stop. Because of the hour, we decided to get some rest and then tackle the necessities in the morning. Soft, warm beds awaited us. We slept well and got breakfast before starting our day’s work in…

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