744. Kelso, Cowlitz County (WA17)

Good show! Another respectably hefty small-town courthouse. It feels like it occupies an odd niche because it reminds me of so many other places, but it’s not exactly a cookie-cutter “Sears” courthouse. I guess nice courthouses are all the same and crappy ones are crappy in their own way (if you don’t mind me butchering Tolstoy for a moment), and this one just blends in with all the other nice ones? I don’t know.

There’s a local park with a small veterans memorial erected by the Kiwanis Club. I had originally planned to insert a joke about them, implying turf wars against the Rotarians, but I wouldn’t want it to be interpreted as disdain for either group. I dare not cross either lest they send people to talk to me about my kneecaps. At the park, there was a simple, cleverly hidden small cache. I think it was more of a big micro, but a trackable can fit in it, so I’ll just consider it a small small. In any case, it was close to food, so fasts were broken, and ways were gotten on. Big things were afoot for the day, starting with our arrival in…

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