745. St. Helens, Columbia County (OR01)

Oh, Oregon!

It was easy to see the courthouse on the way into town. It’s really hard to miss with that tower. It has an extension built onto it that’s not especially photo-worthy. It doesn’t even attempt to blend in or conform to the original aesthetic in any way, shape, or form. This, therefore, will just have to do. There was a Virtual across the road from it devoted to a Nickelodeon cult movie that I had never heard of, so I went ahead and snagged it. However, Counting Counties In Oregon requires small caches or larger, just like the Washington State County Challenge does, so I decided I might as well grab a more official cache. When I one day return to do Oregon proper, there’ll be no need to come back here if I don’t want to (and, realistically, I don’t).

The cache was a Lock-n-Lock in a nearby park. It was incredibly hard to find (he said slightly sarcastically), but I managed to get a photo of it in situ to aid future generations trying to divine the mysteries of its obfuscation. I also ducked into an obscured patch of high grass and trees to offer my water to the state. To be completely honest, it has never been my avowed goal to pee on every state in the Union, but it does seem to have become a thing. My work here done, I passed back over the Columbia River for the second time, bound for…

Wait. It’s time for a digression. I’ve mentioned something a few times, and it’s time to discuss it. It’s time to tell you about…

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