742. South Bend, Pacific County (WA15)

I would never be considered an authoritarian, but I love it when a courthouse sits in dominance over the town, radiating its authority. I have no doubt that photographers better than I could somehow express that on film. When I drove into town, this gorgeous, whitewashed beast awaited me. As in Montesano, I wish I could have gotten a slightly different perspective on it because that dome was absolutely lovely, but I guess you’ll have to accept the gleaming exterior either way.

The cache was just off the side of a road leading into town. I have literally wanted to make this exact cache in the past but got diverted and distracted from it. Inside an ammo can was a locked box and a whole bunch of keys. It was a little difficult, but not inordinately so. I basically ruled out a lot of impossible keys and tried the smaller, more likely candidates until—voilà! A little bit of fun while watching the setting sun. Everything was signed and back together before night descended like the cloak of a brooding god or some kind of crap like that. It did, in fact, earn one of my stingily hoarded favorite points.

Here in South Bend, we faced a choice. We could either turn right and go to one county or turn left and go to a different one. The first one would have been cool, and I quite wanted to go, but it would have added a good chunk of time to a day that was already full because of… Well, we’ll discuss that later. We’d have to go to the second county anyway, but it might be a little harder (see all previous statements about ferries). I’d have to come back to this part of the country later, so it wouldn’t really save me much future effort. After a little double-checking, half the reasons I wanted to go to the first county turned out not to be correct. Now that night had fallen, even the photography would not have been what I would have hoped. So, we turned right and cut one county from the schedule, meaning our next stop was in…

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