762. Pomeroy, Garfield County (WA29)

This struck me as a fine example of (for lack of a better term) alternate courthouse architecture. It felt like a hodgepodge of styles, each added on almost randomly until you ended up with the building you see before you. Or maybe it was designed that way. Who knows? I certainly don’t. I’m not the biggest fan of asymmetry, but it’s attractive enough in ecru with white details. I considered a little whether I preferred this one to the one in Dayton, but not a lot. They’re both pretty buildings, and they’re serviceable to the community. What more do they really need?

As for the cache, contrary to what I have said many times, there’s not always a cemetery. Sometimes it’s just a bucket in a hole in the ground off the side of the road. The fake gravestone elevated it to a bit of art in my head, a memento mori that delivered what its name promised. “Death closes all: but something ere the end, / Some work of noble note, may yet be done,” if you believe that Tennyson guy. That’s one of the reasons we come out to places like this, right? We might as well enjoy this time we all have. I pondered that “noble work” as I signed the log. My purpose holds “To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths / of all the western stars,” hence being in the Pacific Northwest in the first place. You have your own purposes, and I wholly endorse them. I hope you find fulfillment in them as I have in mine. It’s a bit of a heavy thought for a D1.0/T1.5, so I give credit where credit is due. For a simple roadside cache, it has quite an impact, even if it’s nothing more than laughing at a grave parody. With that, the county was conquered, and I was off. I traveled eastward again, coming to a halt in…

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