761. Dayton, Columbia County (WA28)

Usually, when you find a courthouse, you find something made of stone, brick, or whitewashed something.  Green is something you don’t normally expect to see.  While it’s not unknown for whitewash to be tinted for decorative purposes, this kind of light avocado color is not, in my experience, a normal outcome.  Of course, I doubt this is actual calcium-based paint (which whitewash basically is) because who actually uses that in this day and age?  Add in the nice little square tower, and you get a pleasant change of pace from the other courthouses I’d been seeing up to this point.

Also, jeez!!! Those Lewis and Clark guys just keep cropping up everywhere!

The cache was also something unexpected.  On the way into Dayton, I stopped at one of the most favorited caches in the county, an old iMac case containing an ammo can!  It certainly got a good laugh out of me!  Add in all the swag it was filled with (including DVDs!), and I call this one quite a score!  If anyone needs a copy of The McMasters starring Jack Palance (though why the case didn’t mention Brock Peters, Burl Ives, or David Carradine is beyond me), I can tell you where to get it!  I gave it one of my stingily hoarded favorite points (the cache, not the movie) and, after seeing green at the courthouse, continued east to reach…

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