593. Kansas City, Wyandotte County (KS057)

As I rolled into town, I soothed my ears with the dulcet tones of King Pleasure. Being the music nerd that I am, it had to happen. As a sidenote, he only wrote the lyrics, not the music, but we’ll circle back around to that a little later. The courthouse, as you can see, was stellar. This is the courthouse of a great and important city, and I was more than suitably impressed, but I spent little time with it. I was running a bit late getting here and there was a little more traffic than I might have liked. Besides, I had to find a cache, didn’t I?

The cache was pretty simple, a keybox on a guardrail. It was at a cul-de-sac in a little pocket neighborhood near the courthouse and there was no activity on a sleepy Saturday morning. The cache, of course, wasn’t the draw. It was the view. And quite a view it was. I stood for a few moments and took it all in before I signed the log and returned it to its resting place. This would have been a nice spot to stop for a snack or lunch had it been late enough in the day, but once I returned the keybox, I had to return back to Johnson County. I usually measure twice and cut once when it comes to travel, but this time was an honest mistake. Not a big deal, though. All it cost was a little bit of gas and and a little bit of time. It was more than worth it though once I arrived at…

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