592. Olathe, Johnson County (KS056)

Well, well, well… That’s quite a thing, no? I don’t know if I would call it avant-garde, but this is definitely more modern and more interesting than I would have expected. It does have a certain flair to it as modern buildings go, but this is also not the most stunning thing I’ve ever seen, either. All in all though, I’m suitably impressed. The old courthouse was across the street, but it looks like I missed it by a week or two because all that’s there now is a large pile of debris and rubble, next to some monuments, surrounded by construction and demolition equipment.

The cache was a good sized container attached to the sign of a stagecoach rental place. In the days of old, it was a stop along the Oregon and California Trails. Since I wasn’t intent on following either of them, I didn’t feel I had to worry about dying of dysentery. Funny thing is that if I had paid closer attention to my plans, I wouldn’t have grabbed this cache, but that wasn’t important as I pulled out of the parking lot. I was ready to hit the big show and that would begin momentarily. Olathe, much like Richmond or Norman or Chalmette or Littleton, is effectively a satellite of a greater metropolis, the one and only…

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