552. Littleton, Arapahoe County (CO20)

So, they don’t exactly have a courthouse in Littleton as much as they have a county plaza wherein the courts and administration are all contained. Basically, Littleton looks like a small town that decided to incorporate itself before it got gobbled up by its big monster neighbor and would be taxed all to heck, but that’s actually pretty far from the truth. Arapahoe County is actually the oldest county in Colorado, predating the Pikes Peak Gold Rush. In the early 20th Century, the original Arapahoe County was divided up into three parts, and Littleton was chosen as the seat of this one.

I could tell from looking at the title of this cache exactly what it was going to be, but being first thing in the morning, still luxuriating in the memory of the warmth and softness of the bed my friends so graciously provided me, it took a minute for me to figure out exactly what metallic surface this would be on. But, considering I’ve literally seen a hundred of these, it was soon enough found, signed, and returned, and I was able to get on my way to…

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